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2015 A/L Economics Past paper 1&2 download in Sinhala Medium (PDF)

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Click the link below to download the 2015 A/L Economics Past Paper.

A/L 2015 Economics Paper 1&2 Free Download as a PDF file | Examlanka.com

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The link above includes the A/L 2015 Economics Paper 1&2 from Sinhala medium. The Question Paper (PDF) attached to the link below contains a part of MCQ and a part of Essay.

A/L Economics Paper Instructions.

Firstly, all the questions and from the question number 1 to 30 choose the correct answer and mark the number on the given dotted line. Secondly, from the question number 31 to 50 write a brief answer on the given dotted line and each question will be rewarded with 2 marks. Finally, only 2 hours will be offered to answer this Economics Paper. As well as double check all your final answers before you submit the paper.

More Information.

This A/L 2015 Economics Paper 1 is highly targeted for students who sit for the A/L Economics examination paper. Therefore, write suitable answers with a standard knowledge about the particular subject for best results.

Moreover, we would try to upload other Economics past papers as soon as possible. Equally, it would be ideal if you leave your comments about our web site which will be a necessary to develop Exam Lanka since our team’s final vision is to support all the students to achieve best results in their A/L and O/L examinations to create a successful future.

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The above paper for Advanced Level Economics Examination is approved from the Department of Examination Sri Lanka. Also the attached Paper is A/L 2015 Economics Paper 1&2 From Sinhala medium.

Download Advanced Level Economics, Model Papers and Exam Question papers in Sinhala medium for free. You can now download the PDF file of the 2015 A/L Economics Papers from the link given above.



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